British manufacturedBritish manufactured for quality

Worldwide safety certifications

  • Underwriters' Laboratories Certification Mark for the United States
  • Conformité Européenne Conformity for the European Economic Area
  • Edison Testing Laboratories Certification for North Amercia
  • Canadian Standards Association />

Food Machinery

Food Machinery manufactured in Britain

Machine key features

  • Unique Table Top Design
  • Finley Chops Vegetables, herbs & spices  whithout removing any juices.
  • Very simple to operate
  • Sharp Stainless steel Blade
  • Perfect for the fine chopping of onions used in the production of sheekh kebab

Full description

Mushtaqs Food Machinery is the leading manufacturer of food machines for the confectionery and food industry to a worldwide market place exporting worldwide, to South America, Australia, the Far and Middle East and throughout Europe. We specialise in ethnic foods processing machinery as well as bespoke food processing machines. If you have a product in mind and need machinery to mechanise the production process, then give us a call and let us help make your production less time consuming. We have built and invented many food processing machines through our Bespoke services.

Technical Specifications

Model  MFM80 Length 780mm
Power  230V Width  500mm
Phase  Single Phase Height  380mm
Amps  13 Capacity  5kg
Weight  30kg Speed  5kg/min

Video of machine in action

Examples of dishes that can be made