British manufacturedBritish manufactured for quality

Worldwide safety certifications

  • Underwriters' Laboratories Certification Mark for the United States
  • Conformité Européenne Conformity for the European Economic Area
  • Edison Testing Laboratories Certification for North Amercia
  • Canadian Standards Association />

Food Machinery

Food Machinery manufactured in Britain

Machine key features

  • Variable ball sizes
  • Fully Automatic
  • Fully Stainless Steel
  • High Volumne Output
  • Produces Fish, Chicken, Lamb & Veg balls
  • Easily Manouverable
  • No Wastage
  • Very Economical
  • Exit Conveyor Optional

Full description

The Mushtaq’s Meatball Machine is attractively designed, fully stainless steel construction to combine both portion accuracy and speed of production. The continuous-rotation molding nozzle, and discharge system, makes perfect meatballs with ease.

With today's trend toward fresh gourmet meatballs, this machine offers a quick and easy way to produce just the right amount of FRESH meatballs whenever they are needed . With the interchangeable Meatball mould nozzles, it is simple to reach the “Home Meal Replacement” market with fresh made, portion controlled, ready to cook, pre- seasoned meatballs and croquettes of various sizes, very easy to use, simply place mixed mince into hopper, select nozzle and produce thousands of balls.

This Meatball Machine is the perfect tool for butcher shops, grocery stores, restaurants, meat labs, meat processors, and anyone who needs consistent portion controlled meatballs, croquettes, Fish Balla, Veg Balls & various other products of similar consistency.

Technical Specifications

Length Width Height Weight Power Capacity Production
410mm 710mm 1320mm 150Kg 230V 20Kg 3600pc/hr


Examples of dishes that can be made