British manufacturedBritish manufactured for quality

Worldwide safety certifications

  • Underwriters' Laboratories Certification Mark for the United States
  • Conformité Européenne Conformity for the European Economic Area
  • Edison Testing Laboratories Certification for North Amercia
  • Canadian Standards Association />

Food Machinery

Food Machinery manufactured in Britain

Machine key features

  • Charcoal BBQ Chicken, Lamb, Kebabs, Burgers, Sausages, Vegetables.
  • Auto Rotisary
  • Twin Layer Cooking
  • Fully Stainless Steel Construction
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Removable Mesh Clamp Trays
  • Removable Ash Trays
  • Removable Drip trays

Full description

The Charcoal Chicken machine is the best professional quality charcoal rotisserie grill available anywhere. Cook rotisserie ribs, chicken, turkey, beef or, shish kabobs, seafood, vegetables and more.  Use the grill grate (included) for perfect steaks, burgers, sausage, etc.  The charcoal box cooks perfect Charga Chicken, Brazillian BBQ, ribs, roast turkey or smoke your favorite meat. If you're looking for hassle-free cooking that's as easy as your kitchen oven, this machine is it.  Just load the stainless steel baskets or attach chicken or turkey to the cool-touch spit or attach the indirect charcoal box to create a smoker or barbecue oven and come back later to the most delicious, juiciest barbecue you've ever tasted!

Every grill is designed and manufactured Bespoke to industrial quality constructed with stainless steel rotisserie baskets, spit, grates and Frame.

The constant rotating of the meat preserves the natural juices and flavors, rendering it so succulent!

Technical Specifications

Model  MFMROTARY24 Length  1200mm
Power  240V Width  15000mm
Phase  Single Height  2000mm
Amps  13A Capacity  24 chickens
Weight  100Kg Speed  Variable

Video of machine in action

Examples of dishes that can be made