British manufacturedBritish manufactured for quality

Worldwide safety certifications

  • Underwriters' Laboratories Certification Mark for the United States
  • Conformité Européenne Conformity for the European Economic Area
  • Edison Testing Laboratories Certification for North Amercia
  • Canadian Standards Association />

Food Machinery

Food Machinery manufactured in Britain

Machine key features

  • Fully Stainless Steel Contruction
  • Simple to operate
  • Available in Gas or Electric
  • Manufactured to your requirements
  • CE approved

Full description

Mushtaq’s Commercial / industrial fryers are built from a fully stainless steel construction with 316 grade wire belts. The machine features variable speed control and an automatic oil temperature control system.

The range of Fryers are designed especially for frying Samosas, Spring Rolls, Pakora, Onion Bhajis etc. The food is evenly fried to golden perfection.   

Our continues Fryers allows a wide range of products to be fried to a constant quality standard. Capacity is dependent on the belt width and belt length, as these fryers are built bespoke, various widths and lengths of conveyors can be built as well as a choice of actual frying length depending on the product.

The conveyor fryers can be heated by gas or electricity. 

Video of machine in action

Examples of dishes that can be made